Construction projects are complex and carried out in an environment with a lot of disturbances. The disturbances are often located outside their own staff's control. It is therefore not meaningful with to detailed production planning too early, because it generates need for frequent and comprehensive re-planning. Rather than doing that, SyncroSite make it easy to detail the planning and production preparation at a suitable time-frame before the production tasks shall be performed. SyncroSite secure that all necessary conditions are met before work commences. Skilled workers and sub-contractors are then appointed to carry out the work, which can be performed without unnecessary interruption. Workplace studies have shown that 33% of the work time is unproductive and 45% is devoted to the preparation at traditional production projects. Through the use of SyncroSite becomes, a considerably larger proportion of working time becomes productive. It makes it possible to shortend the production time, reduce resource requirements, lower the production costs and generate higher profit.

How is this possible to achieve? A crucial factor is the synchronization support. Even if the planned start of production activities will change in the overall production schedule, SyncroSite keeps track of when it is time to begin the preparation based on the production activity individual requirements. By a simple traffic light model (Green=ready, Yellow=urgent, Red=delayed), the preparation staff is informed when it is time to begin preparation.

SyncroSite also offers the opportunity to prioritize the use of critical resources. What activities need to have top priority to use tower cranes, elevator, tractor etc. during critical periods? SyncroSite makes it easy for Site manager to prioritize and everyone involved gets informed about priority changes.

Through transparent information about construction project implementation, SyncroSite is an excellent tool to use at workplace meetings. Blue-collar staff and subcontractors have always access to updated information through "My Tasks". The meeting time can therefore be utilized on solving real problems instead of information sharing. Through "My Tasks", workers have access to all necessary information to carry out the task. It simplifies and reduces the risk of mistakes.

Another important advantage of SyncroSite is the easiness to obtain statistics. It makes it possible to focus improvement work on the areas that really makes a big difference. For example, are some vendors systematically late with deliveries? Or depends the delivery delays on late made allotments? By using SyncroSite, the improvement work is based on facts that help all engaged parties to improve productivity and quality.

The foundations of SyncroSite has evolved through a series of research and development projects. The underlying theories are described in Håkan Norberg's thesis, see

Source for studies regarding workplace diminishing return: "Waste in construction projects: need changed approach" (Per-Erik Josephson and Lasse Saukkoriipi), 2005.