How it works

Project Settings

  • Workspace structure: SyncroSite determines activitity progress.  The system keeps track of which tasks are active.  Site managers gets warning if serevarl resources require same workspace simultaneously.
  • The APD-plan keeps track of the storage facilities of materials, machinery and equipment.
  • Members: All staff working on the project is registered and has access to the part of the systems thar related to their role. Ability to specify absence.
  • Machinery and equipment: Registration makes it possible to keep track of availability.
  • Contract agreements: By specifying the delivery times for various agreements, automatic reminders can be generated when call-off is needed. This reduces the risk for late deliveries.



  • Import and export of schedule from the general production timeplan.
  • Deliveryplan: Possibility to create a delivery plan through SyncroSite.



To achieve healthy activities, all pre-conditions has to be in place before the production task can begin. The various pre-conditions that can affect a task are:

  • Work descriptions and drawings
  • Components and materials
  • Workers with required competence
  • Equipment
  • Workspace
  • Connecting work
  • Contract agreements
  • Safety

Ability to divide a task to sub-tasks for more appropriate preparation and production. When production task preparation is completed, the task is transferred to “production”. The allocated team/workers can then begin the task.


Here workers can view and change status of production tasks.


Monitor progress and view statistics. Comparison between planned and completed production. If outages or delayed deliveries are detected, variance can be analysed.

My Tasks

  • For site managers: They can view and manage their preparation tasks.
  • Workers: They can view allocated production tasks including all necessary information related to the performance of the task. This information can easily be printed-out.



-SyncroSite supports coordination of shared resources, which simplify the preparatory work.

- System provides efficient co-operation between several people working with preparatory activities.

-By making sure preparatory activities begin on time, risk for delays is reduced.

-Through accurate monitoring of deliveries, the risk for deficiencies is reduced. This also reduces the need for urgent local purchases. More cost-efficient purchases save money.

-All project participants are well informed and prepared prior to meetings. The meetings can therefore be shorter and more productive.

-More stringent transmission to craftsmen and subcontractors reduce the risk of misunderstandings.

-Less risk that craftsmen are hampered in their work by others claiming same working space.

-Easier for workers to find equipment and materials.

-Improved comittment by workers improves the possibilities for agreed tasks to be completed on time.

-Reduce the extent of deficiencies at the construction site by flexible quality monitoring and follow-up.

-Create premise to convert waste time to productive time.

-Create premise to convert unnecessary waiting time into productive time.