Conventional construction projects are characterised by a number of problems that can be avoided by use of SyncroSite.

Too early detailed planning cause frequent and extensive replanning. With many people engaged, this cause big waste of working time.When production activities commence, all necessary pre-conditions are not in place. Information relating to the activity is scattered at several different systems and documents. 

Result: It is easy to make mistakes during production task preparation. Workplace studies have shown the negative effects. Only 17.5% of working time at Construction projects is productive. 45.4% is devoted to preparation and 33.4% is pure waste.

SyncroSite coordinates all required information. Synchronization support helps the preparation staff to call-off deliveries on time, reserving workspace, machines/equipment, engage staff etc. The work can be carried out without disruption.

Workers and sub-contractors have easy access to all information needed for the task. It is easy for everyone to do right.

The result is shorter lead time, lower production costs and higher quality. SyncroSite simplifies the work meetings and provides statistics that allow for evidence-based improvement efforts on areas that really pay-off.