About Us

SyncroSite is one of the first software available for on-site production management. SyncroSite is a Web-based cloud-computing system, which means that no installations are required.

The research groups Construction Production and Industrial Logistics at Luleå University of technology (LTU) have been working on streamlining production at construction sites for over 10 years. This work has been carried out in close collaboration with Swedish construction companies and created the SyncroSite innovation. Collaboration between StruSoft, IntelliWork and Designtech has been established for the commercialization of SyncroSite. The development is partly financed by the Vinnova/Bygginnovationen and SBUF. Pilots are conducted together with NCC, Nåiden and Byggmästar´n i Skåne.

SyncroSte contains, among other things, functions to coordinate the use of shared resources, automatic revisions of call-off and delivery dates, prioritation and availability schedule for machinery and equipment, management of disposal sites for materials, machinery and equipment.

Benefits to use SyncroSite includes: Simplified production worktask preparation. Reduced risk that works tasks becomes disrupted.  Reduced risk of shortfalls are detected when the material is to be used. Instead, shortfalls are detected early and action is taken immediately to reduce the disturbance. It is also easier for workers to find equipment and materials.



Structural Design Software in Europe AB (StruSoft) is an innovative software development company specializing in software for the construction industry. StruSoft develops and markets easy-to-use computer program for the analysis, design and production of building components in concrete, steel and wood. StruSoft offers the following system:

  • FEM-Design: Three-dimensional analysis, stability calculations and dimensioning of structures according to Eurocode.
  • WIN-Statics, software collection for common constructs such as beams, columns, frames and foundations.
  • IMPACT Precast, BIM system for modeling and production of prefabricated concrete elements.
  • PRE-Stress analysis and design of prestressed beams across the life span.
  • VIP-Energy, dynamic simulation of the energy balance.
  • BIMcontact, project work and document management tool for the construction industry (www.bimcontact.com).

Development started back in the early 80s in Skanska. StruSoft was founded 2002 as an independent company to be responsible for continued development, and to provide service and support to existing and new customers. Over the years, the Strusoft-FEM-Design, WIN-Statics IMPACT Precast, PRE-Stress, VIP-Energy and BIMcontact-developed and become a standard in Northern Europe. StruSoft has more than 1000 customers, 10,000 users in more than 20 different countries. Building designs with the Strusoft software has led to greater efficiency, productivity and time savings for many companies. StruSoft is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden. Development centres at Hungary and in India. The sales office is located in Malmö and Gothenburg, as well as in Denmark, England, Dubai and India.

For more information: www.strusoft.com.



Designtech projektsamverkan AB (Designtech) is one of Europe's leading providers of Web-based collaboration solutions for businesses and organizations. Designtechs solutions helps organizations to interact more efficiency, manage their projects and tasks and maximize their performance.

Designtechs flagship product is branded iCoordinator ™ (www.icoordinator.com). This Web-based collaboration tools can help organizations to manage their resources more efficiently. iCoordinator ™ covers a number of different areas that can make an organization more efficient, provide higher productivity and strong improve collaboration between resources.

For more information: www.designtech.se.



IntelliWork AB has over 10 years experience working with research and development of more efficient working methods for the construction industry. The new methods and business support systems have been developed in collaboration with researchers in Construction Management and Industrial Logistics at Luleå University of Technology and leading construction companies. IntelliWork has extensive experience supporting the introdusing new work methods and ICT systems to construction enterprises.

The Managing Director of IntelliWork has been Project Manager for the development of SyncroSite ant initiated the partnership with StruSoft and Designtech for product commercialization.

For more information: www.intelliwork.se.